Juiciest * Baby * Girl

2 Oct


‘The Death of Soul Music’

Feature –Alicia Keys: Juiciest

So long gone is the era of real music. Being an 80’s baby myself I like to think I was blessed at most with the musical geniuses that surrounded me. From the sounds of Prefab Sprout ‘Cars & Girls’ to Michael Jackson, artists like the O’Jays with tracks like ‘BackStabbers’ and Britain’s own Sade with the chart topping track ‘Taboo’.  Some of the last ambassadors who produced music with a solid feel of content and substance.

It was just the other day I was downstairs in the study and heard my brother playing an Alicia Keys track called ‘Juiciest’. The track was never released on any of her albums or for radio play. It could be considered an underground track at most, but whilst listening to the track, it suddenly dawned on me that the era of true soul music had come to an end. The track embodies and captures the true essence of soul music.

What is soul music? Music that strikes a chord, bringing up moments in one lifes relating to their greatest or saddest memories, doesn’t need strong sexual connotations or a supporting music video with the artist wearing next to nothing to sell, but can relate to all.

The magic of the musical compositions, the lyrical content relating to issues from politics to love. From the words to the harmonies it denoting that old school flavor. So from the lyrics to the musical blend of drums, rhythm they create music for the soul! Even though a lot of the 90’s hits tracks within RnB where more about relationships, the tracks where real and relatable, Next ‘Too Close’, Brain McKnight ‘Back at One’

Although Alicia Keys is a 90’s artist Alicia along with artists like Indie Arie, Omar & Nora Jones remain some of the few that have richness and substance in musical content.

Today I wish the kids could be enlightened with greater sounds other than the likes of NDubz, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and Beyonce who’s music is all about producing a commercial number one hit, yes appealing in beat but accompanied by music videos that sell themselves short.

Long gone are the days of real music with issues one can actually relate to with a message of empowerment. Today that’s what the industry demands and requires and I can totally appreciate that. The days when music fed and quenched the soul with the blend of trumpets and base with striking guitar cords that hit the soul. We have entered an era the old school magic is a thing of the past, but for me still lives on…YOUTUBE!

Written by Stephane Alexandre

Enjoy x


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