My prayers go out to Kandi and her family.

3 Oct

ajkandi1Blogging world. It was only last night I stayed up till 5am UK time watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta and now I’ve learned that Kandi, *Award -winning singer/songwriter* has just lost her Ex- finace.

There was alot of family controversy on the show aired on ‘Bravo Tv’ about her marrying him. AJ a father to 6 children from other mothers had Kandi’s mom anxious about them wedding.

Kandi had said she was basing her up and coming album on a lot of experiences with AJ who she she seemed genuinely happy with and truly loved. I hope that she finds the strength to pull thorough as well as her daughter who looked at him a father figure.

Its so sad to hear of this. I pray that God comforts there families and above all Kandi in the fullness of time will understand the greater purpose of this.

We only know that he was involved in a bar fight. This is yet to be confirmed. But through it all, we can only pray for comfort to there families at this tragic time.

Remember world – Life is not promised. Live each day and in everything glorify God!



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