My First Night at The BAFTA’s 2010

24 Feb

Well…It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t blog this night, so here it is…the low down at my night at the BAFTA awards 2010!
It started off at 10.30am when I had to arrive at the Royal Opera House. I entered and got given my ‘ALL ACCESS’ pass with my horrendous head-shot on it and sat with the other chaperones waiting for direction. I was the only black girl and was feeling a tad bit shy! We got sent to our room and where given a layout of the entire event, from guests seating to the personal we would be looking after. I had Peter Capaldi an animator from Britain, others had Wild Things star Matt Dillan, Uma Thurman and others had Twilight stars Kristen Stewart and yes ladies Robert Pattinson! I was happy enough to be there and was the new girl whilst the rest had much experience chaperoning at the BAFTAs. They were all alot older than myself and you could see knew exactly what was going on, so I was quiet for the first few hours, bb’ing away to my cousins.

So we then went to dress rehearsal, they told us we would be autoqueing the person we were chaperoning so wouldn’t require there text. This was for Johnathan Ross to get a run through, along with the sound guys. During the rehearsal he Mr.Ross walked up to me and asked me who I was looking after and I showed him Peter’s picture, he said he looks just like you! So it was my turn to grace the stage at the Royal Opera House and although I was just a prop I wasn’t nervous at all, I was ready to go out and read Peters text well. So here it is, I arrive on stage, all set to read and BAMB! My glasses are in my bag and I CAN NOT SEE A THING! The only black girl, I looked like I was either blind or dyslexic and left feeling like a total moose!

All the same it was time for lunch and I went up to the canteen and started talking to the others, some from the BBC, Telegraph all types of media establishments and I sat there thinking again I am not qualified, but as a child of God you are an exception to the rule.

So it was time to get ready and I discovered a bathroom full of light and overshadowing Covent Garden with great view. I snuck up there, put my ipod playlist on Jasmine Sulivans ‘Dream Big’ and got made over. The day before my lil bro Maro found me a dress from Miss Selfridge, plain and black so after getting dolled up, I was ready to go.
We were lined up on the stairs of the Royal Opera House and awaited our guest. The red carpet had started and the producers would call the names of our guest and we would go and get them, and here it was, the star began to trickle in. Noel Clarke, Lee Daniels, Robert Pattinson, Universal Pictures executives all the big boys in the film world.

I was called for Peter and there he was with his daughter and my mind went totally blank. I remembered to take them to the champagne reception and had no idea how to get them back to there seats or anything but I blagged in. The champagne reception was filled with all the stars networking, catching up and arranging holidays together. I was in a room with such greatness and was admiring the view.
The show was about to start and Peter his daughter Cillily wanted the loo, I saw another chaperone with Matt Dillon and waited for her and followed her into the ROH.

The show had began and it was time to kick back, relax and enjoy the show. We got given chocolate and waited for our que to collect our guest to go on stage! Through out the night I sat in wonder, Uma Thurman, Prince Charles, Gabby Sidible, Kate Winslet all seated in a room, all living the dream I want for myself and I was sat in wonder looking at the lit stage, full of accomplished and many talented creatives.

The night ended and I spoke with everyone I thought I needed to, at this stage my adopted little brother James Campayne was outside waiting for me. He had seen everyone from James Camron to Uma waiting at the stage door and was full of stories to tell me. I then saw a friend, Bennet McPhee who’s film was up for nomination ‘ An Education’. I met him when I was 14 at my work experience at Universal and have stayed in contact since, but had no idea how well he had done as a director. I looked up to him and the rest of the guys I met during the work experience. Adam Randall and Fatima. They opened so many doors for me when I was there so it was great to catch up with him!

The stars were put in there Audi’s and driven to the hotel to have dinner and then the after party would commence. James and I made our way over, and although James was dressed as a runner we were determined this was going to be a night to remember. My pass somehow allowed him to follow me inside. A remarkable experience, we called the rents and they told us we deserved to be there and should enjoy every last minute, network and enjoy!

And we did just that. It was so soreal. It was just so unreal! Walking past these ‘stars’, talking to them, dancing with them and it felt so right! Some made promises and others made jokes, just it was a night I will never forget and I give God all the praise and glory for ordering our steps into a night I pray will be life changing!

And there you have it! My night at the BAFTA’s!


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