Tenny Ten – Artist Review ‘SWAGGNIFICENT’

31 May

Introducing Tenny Ten, a new urban UK artist from the streets of Wolverhamption, Mr.Tenny Tenn is soon to be opening up for the likes of Mr.Hudson, June 15th in Brighton. His new single comes out on June 20th 2010 entitled ‘Swagganificent’ and keeps us excited for up and coming releases to come! An elliptic summer jam, it has a fresh sound, with a catchy hook.
The track talks about having ‘Swagga’, and with positive lyrics throughout, Tenny Ten brings a pop meets R’N’B vibe to the track. His accent may catch you slightly off guard, but unlike Tinchy, Chipmunk and Wiley, it definately sets him apart.
A club friendly track, ‘Swaggnificent’ has the potential to be a number one hit’! So check it out!

Rating: 4 Strawberrys ****

Check OUT TENNY TEN @ http://www.tennyten.com

Written by Stephane Alexandre

Check out Tenny’s New Video ‘Swaggnificent’


4 Responses to “Tenny Ten – Artist Review ‘SWAGGNIFICENT’”

  1. Chris Vibes June 4, 2010 at 2:51 PM #

    Top quality track and video. Love it!

  2. Daniel Hermz June 4, 2010 at 3:12 PM #

    Not really feeling this music video talking about swagger The flashy car aston martin (i think it was) and a big star behind him in a room does not match let alone the woman in the bath WHAT WAS THAT FOR to distract us from the apartment (penthouse yh right). The apartment looks like a work office that has had all the tables and computers moved including the coffe machine doesnt match the video. Another guy talking about absolutely Nothing!. The song has no real essence, doesnt get u singing along and i would not buy the single or purchase the album if this is the material coming from it.
    The lyrics are forgettable there was no substance. this video was badly directed and not feeling the lyrics.
    If people want to create good music it is more than the beat! lyrical content is where its at you have guys like Guvna B who should be opening for acts like Mr Hudson that people can get something out of what there listening to rather than just another song!
    gonna rate this song a 1*

  3. Glacier June 4, 2010 at 4:34 PM #

    I think I have heard of him in his alter-ego as 10 Shott and I was not impressed then but looking at this offer it seems he has stepped up to a new level. I like the chorus it is very catchy and appealing to the current grime/hip hop/pop trend so it can do well.
    His deliveries on the verses are not as good as N-Dubz, Chipmunk, Professor Green or Kano but it can be worked upon. The video is on point.

  4. Moses Ogundeji June 5, 2010 at 5:17 PM #

    well I do think that the beat is really good the video was well shot but there were a few things that I thought were not needed like the star wasn’t really needed light could have done the job but I can say it did make me want to sing those one liners but over all i liked it


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