Death at A Funeral

4 Jun

In desperate need of good film, me and four of my brothers decided to pay a visit to the cinema! Arriving at Purley Way Cinema to find an array of people queuing, lines reaching as far as the Nando’s, to see Noel Clarkes, 4,3,2,1! Stand up UK cinema! With long queue’s we decided to watch a film that would keep everyones moods in tact!
We decided to watch Death at a Funeral. A film featuring Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock and Regina Hall. The remake to its first feature (which was not so successful) proved to be a real crowd pleaser.

Innovative and hard-hitting punch lines, the film is the best comedy I have seen in a while. A simple plot which follows a family at a funeral, as stories unfold about the deceased and his undercover life.
With supporting stories from other members of the surrounding family, it was a real tear jerking, belly moving, ball of fun film! Not your typical black comedy, the film crosses boundaries and had everyone in the crowd laughing as the film unravels a series of hysterical jokes. For all the black cinema loves, A real hit and a definite must see!

So ranks in at an AMAZING 5***** STRAWBERRIES!!!

Check out the trailer


One Response to “Death at A Funeral”

  1. Daniel Hermz June 4, 2010 at 2:31 PM #

    Tons of laugher, left the whole audiance in the cinema bending over crying at certain parts… esp the Tracy Morgan Danny Glover scence. (lol)
    Very well directed.
    Its often a natural panic when you throw so many big names in one film as you look out for egos and will they all blend their great uniquness together?.. Well in this film they definately did.
    Great cast James Marsden stole the show for me could not of played his character any better. Hats off to the man him self Danny glover for the great punchlines and showing he still has it at 63?..
    Was great to see chris rock hold it down and not take center stage in this film played his character well.
    lorretta devine brought me back to her great acting in Kingdom come.
    look out for columbus short too theres no pop locking in this film…
    This film is a must see! rating 5 star

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