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4 Jun

He wasn’t good enough for me, but he’s good enough for you? It was only this week I was with my girlfriend, browsing the West End, when we started to banter about men. I informed her about a poppas dude that tried to woo me, who had much charm and whit, but his character was just a bit too controlling for me! He had everything from money to a coinciding career aims as myself, but his controlling nature and ‘I have money’ attitude, didn’t quite cut it for me!
Although to some women, (who in my eyes are shallow) will cling to a guy who has money, to get the most out of it, from free meals, cars to even all expensive paid holidays ( I have encountered a few). I simply don’t need a man to do any of the above for me. If I want to go on holiday, or eat at a nice hotel, I will work hard to pay my way.

On a few occasions, he used this method on me, and quite rightly apologized after I ignored his array of text messages, conning me into a job most women, within the media field would die for, to excuse his controlling nature.

So this rendezvous tiff soon came to an end, but for most women, you’d expect this to be a turn off, but for my girlfriend, she was rather interested. It had nothing to do with money (Solely). But she liked the fact he was controlling, wore skinny fits and used to model for Models1, she said, he would be the right kind of man for her, because she needs a man to control her????

ALARM BELLS! Well, if I don’t see him fit enough for me, why the hell would he be fit enough for you? This is the question! I personally cannot understand why any woman would want a controlling man, it goes beyond me. Relationships should be an equal partnership, with the man leading and woman supporting. Control and leadership are two different things, that are meant to blend subtly into each other, not one outweighing the other!

So my question and dilemma now, is do I hook them up! In my right mind, and current mental state! I say no! But I’m interested to know your views!



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